Accessibility of Parks and Services

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Veteran’s Memorial Park:  Broadway Road (Route 113) 
Veteran’s Memorial Park is handicapped accessible, has ample handicap parking spaces 
parallel to the spray and area and is equipped with a handicapped accessible porta-potty, 
in addition to handicap accessible restrooms at the concession stand.  Veteran’s Park 
consists of the Veteran’s Memorial, a ¾ mile (approximate) paved walking trail, two Cal 
Ripken baseball fields, two soccer fields, two Pop Warner football fields, playground 
equipment and the spray and play water area. 
Monahan Park:  Pleasant Street (across from Main fire station) 
Monahan Park is handicapped accessible, with such parking at the park.  All other 
parking is across the street at the fire station.  There is a paved ramp that leads into the 
park and there is access to viewing games at field one.  Monahan consists of three 
softball fields and a skateboard park.  During peak usage, handicapped porta-potties will
be provided. 
Hovey Field:   Pleasant Street (across from Hannaford) 
Hovey Field is handicapped accessible for viewing games.  There is sufficient 
handicapped parking close to the field.  Both restrooms are handicapped accessible.  
Hovey consists of one baseball field, restrooms and a snack shack. 
Carrick Park:   Mammoth Road 
Carrick Park is not handicapped accessible at this point.  Carrick consists of two baseball 
fields and is used for soccer in the fall.  Requests to view games at another facility can be 
directed to the Recreation Office and can generally be arranged within 24-48 hours.  
During both baseball and soccer season, a handicapped porta-potty is on location at the 
far end of the parking lot. 
Varnum Park:   Corner of Broadway and Arlington 
Varnum Park is a small passive recreation area with shaded/grassy area with picnic 
tables.  There is handicapped parking, although there is no handicapped access to the 
Dillion Center Fields:  Hildreth Street at Department of Public Works 
The fields at the DPW are not handicapped accessible.  The area consists of one soccer 
field and two baseball fields.  There is a handicapped porta-potty on site during the 
summer season. 
Lake Mascuppic Beach and Boat Ramp
This area is a public beach and state boat ramp.  There is limited parking, none of which 
is handicapped at this time.  There is a handicapped porta-potty on site during the 
summer season.