Public Works (DPW)

It is the goal of the Public Works Department to support and enhance the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors by providing services to manage and upgrade the Town’s infrastructure in the most efficient manner and provide design, construction, and maintenance solutions for road, traffic, and conveyance systems in order to prioritize safety of the public. 

The Department of Public Works (DPW) consists of multiple divisions and departments.

The primary responsibility of the DPW staff is to maintain all public roadways, public parks, public vehicles, public sewer lines, public drainage lines, and public water bodies. It is also the Department's responsibility to conduct and oversee infrastructure improvement projects. The Town of Dracut is responsible for the maintenance and operations of 160 miles of public, 77 miles of drainage infrastructure, over 4000 drainage structures (catch basins, outfalls, culverts, detention ponds).