About Dracut

About Dracut

The Town of Dracut was incorporated in 1701/2 and is in Middlesex County, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.Entering Dracut Sign It is bordered on the north by Pelham, New Hampshire, on the east by Methuen, Massachusetts, on the south by Lowell and Tewksbury, Massachusetts and on the west by Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. Dracut occupies a total of 21.45 square miles, this includes all bodies of water.

The Town of Dracut is one of the municipalities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that still is governed using "Open Town Meetings". Dracut is governed by an elected Board of Selectmen and a School Committee that consists of five members who are elected for a three-year staggered term.

The population and resident demographics of the town is recorded by the United States Census Bureau.

Town Seal

On October 3, 1983, the Town of Dracut voted overwhelmingly to adopt the altered British town’s coat-of-arms as the new and official seal of the Town of Dracut, Massachusetts.Dracut Town Seal


The February before the seal was official adopted by the town, the seal was advantageously altered to accentuate the present Town of Dracut, These alterations included was affixing the names of the Town and State to the bottom of the original showing as well as the date of the incorporation of Dracut as a town: February 26, 1701. They added a ploughshare to represent the origin of agrarian community; a cannon with thirteen spokes to commemorate the Thirteen Original States as well as pay tribute to the famous cannon maker of the Revolution and resident of Dracut, Louis Ansart; and the Roman numerals "CDXXXIX" to perpetuate for all time the 439 men who actively served in the War of the Revolution, along with the years taped to the end of the cannon, which was documented by the Governor of the State of Massachusetts at that time, Michael Dukakis.