Where do I obtain a permit application?

Applicants may obtain a Department-approved permit application from their local Permitting Authority.

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1. What am I required to do under the Ice Cream Truck vendor regulation?
2. How do I know if the Ice Cream Truck regulation applies to me?
3. I operate a Food Truck that does not serve Ice Cream products. Will I be required to obtain a permit?
4. My service areas include a number of municipalities. Will I be required to apply for permits from each city or town in which I operate?
5. Where do I obtain a permit application?
6. I have a question about the application process. Who should I contact?
7. What is a Permitting Authority?
8. Do I have to have my permit with me at all times?
9. I own an Ice Cream Truck vending business and employ Ice Cream Truck operators. Is each individual required to obtain a permit?
10. Will the information contained in my criminal record become public record?
11. I have a criminal record. Will this prohibit me from obtaining a permit?
12. Am I required to pay for the criminal background check?
13. Why is a criminal background check required?