What is required of a compliant MBTA Housing district?

Multi-family housing must be allowed as-of-right. This means that no variance or special permits are required.  Site Plan Review is allowable.  The regulations shall be without age restrictions and shall be suitable for families with children.

A compliant district must have a minimum gross density of 15 units per acre. 

The district must be of “reasonable” size, which the Commonwealth has defined as a minimum of 50 acres in total area. The district does not have to be contiguous, however, and can contain parcels in different areas with a minimum area of 5 acres and at least one contiguous area including half of the required district size.

The district must create capacity for at least 10% of the existing housing stock in Dracut.  This means an additional 1,233 residential units.  Compliance at the minimum allowable density, 15 units per acre, will require 82.2 acres of land.

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1. What is required of a compliant MBTA Housing district?
2. What areas are not considered developable under the MBTA Communities Zoning Law?
3. What criteria was used to identify potential areas to include in the district?
4. What happens if Dracut doesn’t comply with the MBTA Communities Zoning Law?