General - What should I do if bit by an animal?

The owner of any dog or cat shall immediately notify the Animal Control Officer (ACO) within 24 hours of any dog or cat owned or kept by them has bitten or scratched a person, including, if known, the name, address and phone number of the injured party. The owner shall provide evidence of current rabies certificates and, in the case of a dog, current dog license.

A dog or cat that bites or scratches a person shall be quarantined for ten (10) days if ordered by the Animal Inspector and/or Animal Control Officer. During the quarantine, the animal shall be securely confined and kept from contact with any other animal. At the discretion of the ACO, the quarantine may be on the premises of the owner. If the ACO requires confinement, the owner shall surrender the animal for the quarantine period to an animal shelter or shall at his/her own expense, place the animal in a facility approved by the ACO.

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