• Firefighters passing under the low clearance wall door
  • Firefighters exiting the building via a simulated window
  • Firefighters entering a room to continue search
  • Firefighters encounter a low-clearance wall door
  • Firefighters encounter a confined space
  • Firefighters continuing through the wall
  • Firefighters continuing through the wall (2)
  • Firefighters continuing exiting building via the simulated window
  • Firefighter sounding the floor with a tool to determine floor stability before entering the room
  • 2nd Firefighter team passing through a low-clearance door window
  • 2nd Firefighter team entering the search maze
  • 2nd Firefighter team continuing in
  • 2nd Firefighter team breaching a wall
  • 2nd Firefighter entering confined space
  • 1st Firefighter team breaching and passing through a wall during search
  • 1st Firefighter entering confined space

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