Animal Control

In late spring and early summer, adult female turtles cross roads in search of nest sites. Each species has a different habitat requirement, but when searching for a nest site they usually choose sandy or loose soil in lawns, tilled or mowed fields, roadsides, and occasionally backyard compost piles.

It is often assumed that something is wrong when a turtle is crossing the road. People, with best intentions, mistakenly attempt to return it to water, take it home, or, take it somewhere that seems safer and release it. But the best thing to do is leave it alone. The turtle knows where it wants to go and may have been nesting in the same spot for many years—or even decades.

If a small turtle is in danger of being hit by cars, it can be moved in the direction it was headed, to the other side of the road. Snapping turtles can be dangerous and should not be handled. They are surprisingly fast for their size and can extend their necks the length of their carapace. NEVER pick up a snapping turtle by the tail because you could seriously injure it.


********2019 Dog Licenses are now available please go to the town clerks office to renew or get your dog their ticket home if they get lost************

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The primary function of the Animal Control Division is to enforce the Town of Dracut’s by-laws and the Massachusetts General Laws as they relate to animal issues. Some other duties of Animal Control include picking up stray dogs, licensing and vaccination enforcement, bite investigations, cruelty investigations, quarantines, barking complaints and barn inspections. Many of these duties require the officer be out of the office frequently. To reach the ACO, please call (978) 459-0691 and leave a detailed message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. Our phone accepts voicemail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are calling to report a loose dog, please call the Dracut Police (978) 957-2123 and the ACO will be notified.

There is also an ACO on call for emergencies after regular hours and on weekends. This officer can be reached by calling the Dracut Police at (978) 957-2123 and speaking with the dispatcher. Please be advised that we are unable to respond to anonymous calls.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Kenyon Animal Control Officer 978-459-0691