FY18 Exemption Applications & Information

The period for filing a statutory real estate tax exemption for Fiscal Year 2018 begins on July 1st, 2017. Applications must be filed with the Board of Assessors within three months from the mailing of the first ACTUAL tax bill (bill due Feb 1st). Any application filed after this three-month period will be denied as late filing.
FY18 Exemption Clauses & Allowances
Please see the following link to determine if you qualify for a statutory real estate tax exemption before beginning the application process:
FY18 New Applicant/All Clauses application: 
FY18 Disabled Veterans application:
FY18 Legally Blind application:
FY18 Elderly (70 years old or older by 7/1/17) application:
FY18 Surviving Spouse application:
Above applications require the following supporting documentation for processing:
  • 2016 Federal Tax Returns, pages 1&2 of the 1040. (Does not apply to Veterans or Blind)
  • Copies of all Bank Statements showing balances for all accounts in applicant's name as of July 1, 2017 (Does not apply to Veterans or Blind)
  • Copies of Trustee and Beneficiary schedules if the property is held in a trust.
  • Veterans who are applying for the first time and those with 100% disability who are reapplying must supply a copy of their 2017 Summary of Benefits letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Legally Blind applicants must supply a copy of their Certificate of Blindness from the Commission for the Blind.
  • First-time applicants must also provide a copy of their birth certificate as well as a copy of their spouse's death certificate, if they are widowed.
FY18 CPA (Community Preservation Act) exemption application:
  • 2016 Federal 1040 pages 1 & 2 required with CPA application

Please call the office if there are any questions.