Special Permit Procedure & Flow Chart

First Step Get a Determination from the Building Inspector at 11 Spring Park Avenue

Special Permit Process

1st Step: Click on "Zoning Compliance Certification Application." Once completed, submit Form to the Building Inspector on the 2nd floor of the Town Hall, 62 Arlington Street. The Building Inspector will provide you with a written determination regarding whether the "Use" that you request is allowed and if so then which Board you will need to submit an application with.

2nd Step: Pick up application form and instructions from the proper Board's office in Town Hall, as identified by the Building Inspector.

3rd Step: If you have questions about your application or if you want to make sure it is complete then please call the Town Planner at (978) 453-4557 or email gedwards@dracutma.gov or you're welcome to visit the Planner's office at Town Hall, 62 Arlington Street.

Once your application is complete, the Flow Chart attached below will help guide you through and understand the process.