Board of Health

Mission Statement

The mission of the Dracut Board of Heath is to protect the public health of the Town of Dracut through the enforcement of health codes and regulations while promoting a healthy community. The day to day functions fall under the Health Department and has a separate webpage under “Departments”.  The Board of Health holds monthly public meetings and conducts public hearings as necessary.  The Board adopts and changes regulations such as the sale of tobacco and smoking regulations.

What services does the Board of Health provide to the community?

The Dracut Board of Health, through the Health Department, provides inspectional services aimed at protecting the public and environmental health. Such inspectional service resources are directed at  food safety, safe and sanitary housing, bacterial testing at bathing beaches, public and semi-public swimming pools, tanning facilities, nuisance complaints etc.. The Board of Health also provides various vaccinations to the community, the most popular being flu and pneumonia vaccines. The Board of Health has also become involved in local and regional efforts to increase awareness and education about the Heroin/Opioid Epidemic.


The Board of Health Members are

  • Evan Themeles, Chairman
  • Dr. Louis E. Rousseau, Vice Chairmen
  • Paul J. Enis ,Clerk