Cable Advisory Committee

An Issuing Authority (IA) may appoint a Cable Advisory Committee (CAC) to advise the IA through the licensing process. 207 C.M.R. subsection 3.01(3). In many instances, the CAC remains as an active committee throughout the term of the license. Currently, there are over two hundred and eighty CAC's in the Commonwealth. The composition of the CAC is determined by the IA, and the IA may choose any number of persons it deems desireable to complete the committee. Some typical responsibilities assigned to CACs in the Commonwealth: Inform and educate the public about cable television service; Assess the cable needs of the community and recommend policy changes; Conduct regular meetings with cable company representatives to discuss matters of mutual interest; Report to the IA on company compliance with the license; Supervise the cable operator's response to complaints; Respond to citizen's questions regarding the cable television system; and Keep abreast of community programming issues.

Board Members

Name Title
May Paquette Chair
Hank Noel Vice Chairman
Ted Kosiavelon Member
Lenny Proposki Member
Gordon Lutz Member
David Patenaude Member