Outreach Program for Homebound and Active Seniors

Outreach to Homebound and Active Elderly

Home visits and wellness calls are made to homebound elderly to identify and assess their needs, to provide them with our services or refer them to appropriate agencies.

In addition, our Outreach/Social Services Coordinator provides the following services to all homebound and active seniors... Benefits Check-up, Fuel Assistance Applications and Yearly Recertification of Fuel Assistance, SNAP Applications (formerly food stamps), In home Emergency Response Systems, Information for end of life issues with The Five Wishes Booklet, The File of Life Packet used for emergencies, Dracut 911 Disability Forms, Town of Dracut Emergency Notification Forms, as well as Applications for Safe-Link and Assurance phones and much more. 

The Outreach/Social Services Coordinator is available at the office Monday - Friday for appointments or walk-ins, as well as the Mondays that offer Extended Hours until 6:00pm. Please call Donna Houston with any questions or concerns.