Local Guidelines

  1. All applicants must comply with all the requirements and regulations established by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.
  2. The Dracut Cultural Council may award grants to individuals or organizations for activities in the arts, humanities, or interpretive sciences. Applicants must show that they are organized in or reside in Massachusetts, and should have been engaged in the kind of activity for which funds are requested for at least one year.
  3. Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend the Dracut Cultural Council meeting to answer any questions that may arise concerning the application or project. Applicants will be notified of meeting date.
  4. Dracut Cultural Council reserves the right to request additional information from any applicant including a portfolio, tape or examples of their work.
  5. The Council will give first consideration to applicants who can demonstrate community benefit and/or are sponsored by Dracut organizations.
  6. Applicants should not depend solely on Dracut Cultural Council grants for funding, and the Council reserves the right to decline applications from projects that have been funded for more than three consecutive grant cycles.
  7. Dracut Cultural Council grant funds must not substitute for or replace other public funding of programs. Specifically, this applies to proposals from public institutions, such as schools and libraries, which are already, or should be an integral part of a community's budget. Funds may not be used to purchase food.
  8. Projects must be completed within the time specified by the Massachusetts Cultural Council guidelines, which is one year from date of grant acceptance notice.
  9. All applications must be TYPED on state standard forms and submitted by the required October 15 deadline. Forms are available at the Town Hall, Library, or online at Massachusetts Cultural Council website.
  10. The Dracut Cultural Council is not responsible for securing venues for the artist or performance, and evidence of planning must be present on the application.
  11. The Dracut Cultural Council does not fund transportation costs.