The Town's Municipal Aggregation Program - Recent Change in Municipal Aggregation Company

“The Town’s Municipal Aggregation Program: Recent Change in Municipal Aggregation Company"

Many Dracut property owners have taken advantage of the Town’s municipal aggregation program, which is the bulk buying of electricity with 22 other cities and towns.

Starting in January 2016, the Town started working with Con Edison Solutions, the low bidder for the electrical supply.  Their bid was 9.49 cents/kilowatt hour for electrical supply.

Most recently, Constellation, another electrical supplier, acquired Con Edison Solutions, resulting in Constellation being the Town’s electrical supplier.

Constellation’s rate will remain the same as originally bid (9.49 cents/kilowatt hour)  and they will continue the Municipal Aggregation contract until January 2018. 

As a Dracut resident who is enrolled in the Municipal Aggregation program, you do not have to do anything. Your account will remain with National Grid (the distributor of electricity) and Constellation (the supplier) will provide electricity at the Municipal Aggregation’s low rate until January 2018.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Betsy Ware, Community Development Director, at 978-453-4557 or email her at

Thank you.”