Our Agricultural Heritage

Dracut is a pleasant residential community utilizing the Community Preservation Act to preserve its agricultural, historical and open space heritage. 

Preserving agricultural land and farming in Dracut has been a high priority of our community for several decades. Most recently through the Community Preservation Act, opportunities have emerged to help ensure a viable agricultural economy and farmland preservation.  

Dracut still has several active farms that are privately owned as well as those that have what is known as an “agricultural restriction”.  An agricultural restriction is designed to preserve the land to allow it to forever be used for agricultural uses. 

Click here to visit our Dracut Farms Sub-site @ http://www.dracutfarms.com.

In an effort to recognize this important aspect of our community, we will continue to update this section with some facts and photos to display this passion.

To obtain more information on the importance of community farming please visit: http://www.mass.gov/envir/smart_growth_toolkit/pages/mod-ag.html

Historical Preservation is also an area the Town has invested in as evidenced by the re-location and renovation of Harmony Hall.  The Community Preservation Committee continues to consider other historical preservation opportunities, details of which can be obtained via the Community Preservation Committee and Historical Commission.

The Dracut Open Space Committee is committed to encouraging and facilitating the preservation and appreciation of Dracut's natural, farm, and recreational lands. By working with municipal and state organizations they strive to integrate local conservation and environmental goals with state and regional initiatives.

The mission is sustained through several activities including, but not limited to, those listed here:

  • Advising the selectmen on the retention or sale of tax lien property as it becomes available
  • Community education through informational fliers, public forums, and field trips
  • Promoting Dracut conservation projects by working with town boards and personnel
  • Coordinate with Intra-State organizations that encourage open space preservation
  • Increasing Dracut's open space by informing local landowners of, and helping to secure, land preservation options
  • Engaging in conservation advocacy and campaigning for preservation or funding, specifically in the news media and at town meetings
  • Active open space stewardship, including trail-building, trail maintenance, and signage
  • Strategic long term planning by contributing to the Dracut Open Space and Recreation Plan