Records Division

Records - Accident & Police Reports


To get your report you will need the Police Report Incident # and date of accident.


The Fee Schedule is as Follows:

At WindowIf Mailed
$1.00 per accident report$5.00
$0.50 per page for incident reports$1.00
$25.00 911 tapes 

Unless specifically addressed by the statute, a custodian may charge twenty cents ($0.20) per page for photocopies, twenty-five ($0.25) per page for microfilm copies and fifty cents ($0.50) per page for computer printouts. Examples of statutes establishing special fees for specific public records include: G.L. c.66, §10(a) (Copies of Police Records).


Julie Dellolio

Ph: 978-957-2123x104

Fax: 978-453-1207


Parking Clerk


Please contact parking clerk if your ticket has been marked at Registry of Motor Vehicles.


The Parking Violation Notice may be returned by mail, personally, or by an authorized person and payment must be by postal note, money order or by check made out to:

Parking Clerk Town of Dracut



A Hearing or Hearing by mail may be obtained upon the written request of the registered owner. Failure to obey this notice within the 21 days after day of violation will result in a $5 surcharge. Also the possibility of non- renewal of the license and registration of the registered owner, increased fines or seizure of the vehicle.


Pay to:
Parking Clerk - Dracut Police Department

110 Loon Hill Rd
Dracut, MA 01826


Julie Dellolio

Ph: 978-957-2123x104

Fax: 978-453-1207