Tax Payment Information/Instructions

The Town of Dracut offers online bill payment through Invoice Cloud. Payments may be made via ACH (electronic checking) or by Credit Card. There is a fee for this service.

The following tax bills can be paid online: Real Estate, Personal Property and Excise Taxes

To register please go to the Home Page or Tax Collector's page and click "Tax Payments" under the Online Services Tab.

What are the costs?

ACH (Electronic Transfer): $0.40 per bill

Each bill paid is considered a separate transaction. If you have a special account you plan to use (i.e. Money Market), make sure you take these charges into consideration.


We accept MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express® and VISA®* (Tax Payments Only). The convenience fee for using a credit card is approximately 3% of the payment, except for payments under $100 where the convenience fee will range from approximately 1 to 4 dollars.

********************* Prices are subject to change without prior notice**********************************

If you are using a Debit Card, it will be treated as a credit card payment and will have the same charges associated with credit card payments. 

All fees referenced in this informational document are subject to change.

Why should I pay bills online?

  • Convenient and Secure
  • Accessible 24 hours a day
  • Schedule your payment today to occur at a later date
  • Pay using a checking/savings account or with your Credit Card
  • Payment Posted emails sent by the Tax office let you know your payment was received and processed.

Who do I contact with Questions?

  • For questions related to your tax bill please contact the Tax Collector’s office at 978-452-1801. Questions relating to your sewer bill should be directed to the Sewer Department at (978) 957-0371.