Licenses - Dog, Fishing, & Hunting

Dog Licenses

All dogs once they receive their rabies vaccine must be licensed. Dogs must be licensed on a calendar year. Licenses are available January 1st. A late fee is charged April 1st and later.

You can register your dog by mail. Please forward the name, breed, color and age of dog, along with a copy of current rabies certificate (this will be returned), a self-addressed stamped envelope, along with your name, address and a check/money order in the amount of $11.00 (spayed or neutered). If dog is unaltered male or female, fee is $15.00. 

If this is submitted April 1st or later, a $10.00 late fee must be included.

The Animal Control Office in conjunction with a statewide effort holds a rabies clinic on or about the first week in April. At this time your dog or cat is able to receive a rabies shot and you may also license your dog with no late fee assessed. Call for date and time of Rabies Clinic.

Fishing and Hunting Licenses

Fishing and Hunting licenses are available in the Town Clerk’s Office. A person must show either proof of a previous year’s hunting license or a certificate of completion of a “Basic Hunter Education Course”, in order to obtain a Hunting or Sporting License. All minors who wish to purchase a hunting license must produce the following documentation:

  • A basic hunter education course & a letter of consent allowing the minor to hunt from his or her parent or guardian; OR
  • A letter signed by the minor’s parent or guardian affirming that the minor will be accompanied at all times by a licensed adult while hunting and a letter of consent allowing the minor to hunt from his or her parent or guardian.

For further information regarding Massachusetts Department of Fishing and Wildlife see: