No Recycling Plastic Bags Curbside




     Due to global market conditions, the recycling processing facilities that handle our recyclables are now enforcing quality control specifications that are affecting our curbside recycling program.  As a result, our collection vendor is leaving some material at the curb that had been accepted in the past.  An orange rejection sticker explaining the contamination issue(s) will be left behind and materials can be prepared for collection the following week.

     In the past, whenever market conditions allowed, the collection vendor has tried to be accommodating to residents by taking material that may not have been prepared properly but was still accepted by the recycling processing facility.  Residents either using plastic bags to store other recyclables (e.g. newspapers) or attempting to get the plastic bags recycled because the manufacturer put a recycling symbol on the bag, are two such practices that have been discouraged in recent public outreach efforts.  Plastic bags cannot be recycled through the curbside program (many area retail stores collect them for recycling).

     Even if you have been recycling for years, please review the information on how to prepare recyclables listed on the Town’s website. Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office if you need a hard copy of the list of what can be recycled.

     Residents have done a great job of increasing recycling and it is unfortunate that the processors are now enforcing these rules.  However, the town still benefits with each item that gets recycled as we realize savings in avoided trash disposal costs.  Please pass along this timely information to your family, friends and neighbors.  Thank you for both your patience in helping the town comply with state waste bans and for recycling everything possible.  Your continued interest in helping both the environment and the town save valued tax dollars is appreciated.