Extra Trash or Recycle Carts

You can order an additional trash cart through Russell Disposal (617) 776-5120 - the cost is $175 the first year, $110 each year after that - which covers the extra trash to get rid of and the rental of the barrel. 

There are also official Town of Dracut overflow bags which you can purchase at Hannaford's Service Desk, or either one of the hardware stores.  They are five, 35 gallon bags for $20.  These are the only trash bags Russell Disposal will pick up outside the trash cart.

You can order a 2nd recycle cart for a one-time charge of $57 through the Town - make the check payable to Russell Disposal but bring the check to the Selectmen's office or the Town Manager's office.  Once received we'll forward it onto Russell Disposal and get the 2nd recycle cart delivered to you.


Trash and/or recycle barrels will not be replaced just because they are dirty or a lid is broken. You can call the Town Manager's office or the Selectmen's office and request the barrel be repaired.  Russell Disposal's Supervisor will come out and repair the lids and wheels if they are broken.  Thank you.