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1. Who should I contact for Kenwood Water emergency services after regular business hours?
2. How often are water bills issued?
3. How can I pay my water bill?
4. I have questions about my bill. Who can help me?
5. I want to apply for an abatement. How can I do that?
6. I’m selling my house and need a final water reading. How can I get that?
7. I think something is wrong with my water meter. Can you replace it?
8. I think there is a leak in my water service. What should I do?
9. I heard Dracut Water customers have the option for an insurance policy to cover water service breaks. Why isn’t this offered for Kenwood Water customers?
10. Can I dig a trench in my lawn to access my water service?
11. I have low water pressure. Can you fix that?
12. I called DigSafe for a mark out, but sewer has not been marked. Why?