Missing & Stray Animals

Missing & Stray Cats

Because there is no leash law with respect to cats, we do not pick up stray cats. The Town of Dracut does not have the facilities to house stray cats. There may be extenuating circumstances where we will pick up stray cats, i.e., a very sick or injured cat or abandoned kittens. We do not pick them up just because they are hanging around your home. Do not feed stray cats if you don’t want them to stay. We can refer you to several rescues and shelters that deal only with cats. However, we recommend that you call us if you find a stray cat or your cat is missing so we can take down the information. Someone may be looking for their cat or have found yours.

Missing & Stray Dogs

If your dog is missing, please call us as soon as possible. He or she may have been picked up and brought to Wignall Animal Hospital, who we use as our kennel. At the time of pick-up, you will need to pay all outstanding fines and related charges and produce a current, valid dog license in order for your dog to be released to you.

The same goes for stray dogs – if you find a loose or stray dog, please notify us as soon as possible as someone may have called us looking for him. If after hours, please call the police dispatcher and he/she will contact the Animal Control Officer (ACO).