Local/State Services/Benefits

Available to Eligible Veterans

  • Direct Financial Aid - Chapter 115 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth provides a system of financial benefits for veterans, their families, and in some cases their survivors, who are in need and who meet the appropriate criteria. This aid is dispensed by the Veterans' Services Office from Town funds and is reimbursed by the Commonwealth at a rate of 75%. This aid is paid by check directly to the recipient and must be repaid if circumstances permit.
  • Hospital/Medical/Fuel - Eligible veterans and their families can have their hospital, medical and fuel bills paid by the Town with a 75% reimbursement from the Commonwealth.
  • Burial - All deceased veterans receive a casket flag and an aluminum grave marker. Honor guards are also available. Financial aid is available for indigent veterans' burial if there is no family or no other source of funds to pay for burial. Some of these funds are reimbursed to the Town from the Commonwealth.