How to make an Observation? iPhone

We're so excited that you want to contribute to the fascinating world of local biodiversity by adding your observations of organisms to iNaturalist! Your input helps scientists and nature enthusiasts better understand and appreciate the unique ecosystems in our community.

To get started, the first place you need to head is the App Store and download the iNaturalist app, and you'll be on your way to documenting the wonders of nature around Dracut. Your observations contribute to a collective effort to map and protect the diverse species that call our region home.

Join us in making Dracut's natural beauty known to the world. Let's celebrate the incredible richness of our environment together!

Happy observing!How to Make an Observation with your iPhone by iNaturalist

To post your observation, you want to follow the steps listed below!

  1. Begin by tapping "Observe."Observe Button iPhone
  2. Attach one or more photos as supporting evidence.
  3. Specify the details of your observation.
  4. The timestamp of your observation will be added automatically.
  5. The location of your observation will be added automatically. If not, please review the Privacy settings in the Settings app.
  6. Save your observation.
  7. Upload to share with the community. This should happen automatically. If it doesn't, tap the Upload button. You can turn off automatic upload from the app settings from the Me tab.Upload
  8. Check back for activity on your observation from the community or be notified by email to the address in your account settings.Activity iPhone

If you want to add an observation but have an Android, worry not! We have a quick guide on how you too can contribute findings of local organisms you came across in Dracut! 

Learn how to How to make an Observation with your Android.

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