Building Department

  1. FEMA | National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

    The NFIP provides insurance to help reduce the socio-economic impact of floods.

  2. Radon in the Home |

    Radon can build up inside your house and cause lung cancer if you breathe it in over many years. Learn more about radon in your home, its health risks, and steps you can take as a renter, homeowner, buyer, or seller.

  3. Dig Safe Systems Inc.

    Dig Safe is a notification center that dispatches participating utility companies to mark-out the location of their underground facilities in the area where you plan to dig.

  4. Construction Supervisor or Home Improvement Contractor License Requirements (PDF)

  5. Registry of Deeds

  6. Stretch Energy Code - 780CMR Chapter 115

  7. Massachusetts State Building Code 780 CMR 9th Edition

  8. Certified Home Improvement Contractor Checker |

    Check if your contractor is a registered Home Improvement Contractor.