Parks & Trees Division

The Town of Dracut operates and maintains numerous Public Parks, Islands, and greenways. 

The Town of Dracut also is responsible for maintaining and removes trees on Town Property. The division maintains an undetermined number of trees on Town streets, in parks, and on conservation lands, and numerous miles of roadside scrub/brush along the public way. The objectives of the tree maintenance program are to identify and reduce hazardous conditions that threaten public and private property, resolve requests for service and emergencies in a timely fashion.  

If there is a tree issue near or on wires, please contact National Grid at: 1-800-322-3223

Greenways, Fields, & Parklets: 

  • Polly’s Corner 
  • Chailfoux Field 
  • Parker Ave Field 
  • Tricentennial Square 
  • Pierce Field 
  • Adamczyk Square 
  • Turner Square 
  • Gunther Square 
  • Hamblett Island 
  • Dinley Square 
  • Cheever Square 
  • Pulaski Square 
  • Ogonowski Square 
  • Park Square
  • Willowdale Beach