Business Advantages

  • Community
  • People
  • Location
  • Recreation
  • Opportunity
  • Government
  • Affordability

There are not one, but many reasons to consider Dracut for the new home for your business, your family and your employees. People make up the heart of this community, and people are the heart of any successful business

Dracut believes that local government should be a positive partner to business success, and not an impediment to growth. All town departments are poised to help any business streamline the process and find a sensible solution to regulatory issues.

Dracut's development goals emphasize:

  • Expanding the regional economic base through sustained economic development efforts
  • Securing new businesses, with an emphasis on creating well-paying jobs
  • Significant advancement of the commercial and industrial tax base
  • Planning for future growth opportunities that will ensure the community's quality of life

The excellent geographic location, endless source of talented workers, citizens and volunteers dedicated to their community, and the natural beauty of the town make it a great place to live and work. So locate in Dracut for its community, people, location, recreation, opportunity, government, or affordability. Choose one, but enjoy all.