Make It Dracut Program

Learn more about Make It Dracut and how you can get involved.

View the Introduction to Make It Dracut (PDF).

The "Make It Dracut" tagline and program were designed during the outset of 2020 as a way to support small businesses and the community at large by encouraging people to do things locally, and help people show pride in their community.

We have received great feedback on this and wanted to ensure we provided people with resources to get further involved as it expands.

Using our guidelines, you can work with your own designers to create your own spin on the tagline and its standard design.

This also ties in closely to our Business Districts, which you can learn about here and our Special Projects Guidelines, that you can view here.

Read Them Here

All artwork developed by the Economic Development Committee is fair use, meaning you are free to use and modify it - no permission needed.

As we add to this system, we will look to update these guidelines. Thank you for making it Dracut.