Business District Identities

Find out if there is a business district near you, and how you can get involved!Bridge District Logo

The current Economic Development Committee has worked together to outline nine districts. These districts are defined by areas with concentrations of businesses and vary by size & density. While several do correlate to historic neighborhoods, not all of them do!

Part of this process involved creating symbols for each of the districts. Uniformity is important and helps these identities feel more cohesive for the whole community who may see or use them.

This also ties in closely to the Make It Dracut program, which you can learn about on the Make It Dracut Program page.

You can read more about it by viewing the Town of Dracut Business Districts (PDF).

Symbols can be used inside a containing shape or standalone. They are designed to work in color as well as grayscale. We recommend using the Town’s green, black, and blue for consistency. To learn more about this scheme, view the Special Projects Guidelines (PDF)

These symbols are fair use and free to use or modify by anyone.

We include PDFs at the bottom of this page (best for print or any other size). If you need additional sizes or formats please reach out!

If there is a format not listed that you’d like, let us know! Email the Economic Development Businesses with the subject “District Symbols”.

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