Drug Take Back

The Dracut Police Department maintains a Prescription Drug Take Back Disposal Program in the front lobby. Residents are encouraged to bring their old not needed prescriptions to the station and discard them. Studies have proven that many youths within the region have become addicted to opiates and other prescriptions medications through medications left dormant in immediate family’s medicine cabinets, as well as those of their relatives. The disposal of medications via flushing them down the drains or throwing them into the trash can result in pollution to ground water and should be avoided.

The kiosk at the station does not accept prescription bottles. This is to ensure that no identifying information is left inside the kiosk. Placing medications (i.e. pills) in plastic bags is the preferred method. Plastic bags are available at the Police Station if you are looking to dispose your expired/no longer needed, medication.

We do not take any liquids or needles. 
Please see your primary care or pharmacist to see how you can dispose of them.