Make a Date with Life

"Make a Date With Life" is a dramatized demonstration of a car accident aimed at raising awareness among the graduating class of Dracut High School about the hazards of drinking and driving. As part of the demonstration, volunteers from the school's drama club act as victims of the accident.

Our hope is that this event leaves a lasting impression on young students, driving them to make choices that prevent tragic accidents from occurring in the future.

Make it a night to remember – not a night to forget.

To prepare for the event, the club members visit the fire station ahead of time, where they receive instruction on how rescue crews operate in such situations. The student volunteers remain in character throughout the day, while their peers witness the realistic extraction of the victims from the car, as well as the notification of family members about the victim's unfortunate fate.

The members of the Fire Department who participate in the event are off-duty and volunteer their time, having experienced firsthand the devastating impact of such crashes. 

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