1. Open Burning Permit
  2. Smoke & C.O Inspection

Register Online To Obtain a Open Burning Permit

Effective January 15, 2023: All residents wishing to obtain an outdoor/open air-burning permit or agricultural permit must apply online from the Town's website.

There is no fee for a burning permit.  Once the applicant has registered and digitally signed their understanding of the rules and regulations, a permit will be automatically approved and given a permit number.  The permit must be printed and kept on site. The permit number is valid for the entire burning season.

Open Burning season is from January 15 to May 1 and must be conducted between 10 am and 4 pm. Once you have completed the online permit registration you would then call Dispatch at 978-454-2113 on the day you wish to burn to obtain permission. Please have your Open Burning Permit number handy when you call as you will provide the permit number and address of the open fire to Dispatch. Please follow all of the rules when burning for everyone's safety!

Access instructions to register online.

Once you visit the registration website, click on the Fire Department (red logo) then "SELECT" OPEN BURNING PERMIT, towards the bottom of the page click on "SIGN UP".  This is where you will set up your profile. Follow the prompts. When that is complete you will then click on the "APPLY ONLINE" button for an OPEN BURNING PERMIT and again, follow the prompts. At the end of this process, you will be able to print and view your permit.  Please note the Permit Number and keep it handy for when you need to call Dispatch.

Please Read! Safety Tips for Open Burning Season (PDF)