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Social Media Terms of Use 

Dracut Police Department 


The Dracut Police Department uses the following Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The purpose of the Dracut Police Department social media pages is to permit authorized employees of the Department to provide the public with information concerning the Dracut Police Department’s mission, goals, programs, activities, events, news, stories, photographs, and, videos and to disseminate other information and material intended to increase public awareness of, and enhance respect for, the Dracut Police and its members and employees.

Please note that this is a purposefully controlled online site established for this limited purpose, it is not a public forum. 

All postings/comments are, in addition to being governed by the terms and conditions established by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram subject to the following terms and conditions established by the Dracut Police: Before submitting/posting a comment on this page, you must review and agree to the terms and conditions of Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram and the terms and conditions established by the Dracut Police Department. A submission/posting on these pages shall constitute acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms and conditions. 


In case of EMERGENCY or if you need police assistance, use your phone to dial 911

To report a crime or suspicious activity, use your phone to dial 911 or call 978-957-2123.

ALL COMMENTS submitted/posted to these pages are actively monitored and reviewed by the Dracut Police. The Dracut Police reserve the right to restrict, remove, or delete any posting/comment that is contrary to and/or inconsistent with the purpose of the page or violative of the applicable terms and conditions. The Dracut Police Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages is not appropriate for, and is not intended to accommodate, comments unrelated to the purpose of said page or postings authorized by the Department. Consistent with the purpose of the page, prohibited content includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • Comments not topically related to a particular posting authorized by the Dracut Police. 
  • Comments in support of or in opposition to candidates seeking election to office, political parties or organizations, political campaigns, and/ or ballot measures. 
  • Comments that include or constitute abusive, profane, threatening, insulting, false, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, hateful, harassing or stalking, racist, sexist, misogynistic, bigoted, homophobic, vulgar, obscene, violent, pornographic or sexual, inappropriate or offensive, and/or criminal or unlawful language or content. 
  • Comments that constitute, include, promote, foster, or perpetuate disparagement or discrimination of persons based on race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry or ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, handicap or disability, and/or age. 
  • Comments that constitute or include solicitation of commerce or promotion and/or advertisement of/for a business or commercial transaction, including but not limited to “spam” and other commercial content submitted/posted by individuals, groups, entities, or automatic software programs. 
  • Comments that constitute, conduct, solicit, promote, encourage or incite criminal or illegal activity or comments that otherwise incite imminent lawless action. 
  • Comments that constitute or include a threat to public safety or security and/or that may compromise or tend to compromise public safety or security. 
  • Comments that constitute or include an inappropriate and/or unauthorized disclosure of personal data or private/personal information about any individual.
  • Comments that constitute or include copyrighted or trademarked material and/or content that violates the legal ownership interest of another party, submitted or posted without proper authorization/consent. 

ONLY COMMENTS consistent with these terms and conditions, as determined by the Dracut Police, and those terms and conditions established by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are welcome. 

The Dracut Police DOES NOT ALLOW THE POSTING OF PHOTOGRAPHS, VIDEOS, AUDIO RECORDINGS (and/or similar media) OR LINKS TO OTHER PAGES OR WEBSITES by anyone other than an authorized employee of the Dracut Police. The posting of such content/material/information/media is, except when posted by an authorized employee of the Department, STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If posted/submitted, such content/material/information/media shall be restricted, removed, and/or deleted. 

IF YOU HAVE A PHOTOGRAPH, VIDEO, OR AUDIO RECORDING (and/or similar media) you want share with the Dracut Police or think the Dracut Police would like to share on these pages, please contact the Department’s Media Specialist at: dpdmedia@dracutma.gov

ONLY INDIVIDUALS, GROUPS AND ENTITIES accepting and complying with, the applicable terms and conditions established by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and the Dracut Police are welcome. While these pages are open for public inspection, only authorized users of these pages are permitted to submit/post a comment. The Dracut Police reserve the right to restrict, remove and/or block any person, group, or entity submitting and/or repeatedly submitting comment(s)/posting(s) contrary to or inconsistent with the purpose of the page, not topically related to postings authorized by the Department, and/or that are violative of the applicable terms and conditions. 


This page and its content are actively monitored and managed by the Dracut Police through its Media Specialists. 

If you are looking for more information about the Dracut Police, please check us out online

“Friending”, “liking,” and/or similar exchanges/actions between Dracut officers/civilian employees and a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram user does not indicate endorsement of that user’s actions or comments. 

Comments posted on these pages by visitors on the Dracut Police Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page DO NOT reflect the opinion(s) of the Department. The Dracut Police neither endorse nor oppose, by its actions or inaction related to restriction, removal or deletion of submissions/postings, the comments/content submitted/posted by others. Commenters alone are responsible for their comments, usernames, and/or any information or content they place or attempt to place on this page. 

Use of this site by Dracut Police employees is governed by all applicable Rules & Regulations and Policies & Procedures. 

All postings on these pages are voluntary and made at your own risk. By using or accessing Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and these pages, you are, in addition to accepting the terms and conditions for use established by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and the Dracut Police, accepting the practices described in the Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.